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15 best pillows for side sleepers 2024, tried and tested for a restful night’s sleep

pillow for one of the best pillows for side sleepers is well worth doing. Particularly if you’re amongst the 50% of Brits who favour resting on their side each night.

Side sleeping is renowned for its numerous health benefits, including promoting proper spinal alignment, improving breathing, reducing heartburn, and alleviating discomfort in the neck and back. But not all pillows will suit.

Fortunately, the current market is booming with specially-designed pillows tailored to side sleepers, thanks to innovative sleep tech brands such as Emma and Simba. So, the 50% of you who spend most of the night between your back and front can rejoice. Pillow for side sleepers are engineered to provide the ideal blend of support and comfort, catering to the specific requirements of side kippers for a truly restful and rejuvenating sleep experience.

We’ve tested and reviewed numerous options, and consulted with sleep experts to answer all your FAQs, so that you can choose the best pillow for you. Think: firm and soft pillows for side sleepers, memory foam pillows and body pillows. Whether you prefer a plush and cushiony feel or a more supportive structure, our roundup includes a variety of choices to suit individual preferences and sleeping styles. Read on for our full edit, including tips on how to pick the best one for your individual sleeping style.

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Meet the experts:

In a rush? The best pillows for side sleepers 2024 at a glance:

  1. Best pillow for side sleepers overall: Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow, £65.40, Emma Sleep
  2. Best pillow for side sleepers, runner up: 400 Memory Foam Crumbed Pillow, £41.30, REM-Fit
  3. Most sought-after bed pillow for side sleepers: THE SIMBA Stratos® Pillow, £60, Simba
  4. Best bamboo pillow for side sleepers: Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow, £44.95, Panda London
  5. Best hybrid pillow for side sleepers: THE SIMBA Hybrid® Firm Pillow, £159, SIMBA

Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow

£109 £65.40 AT EMMA SLEEP

REM-Fit 400 Memory Foam Crumbed Pillow

£59 £41.30 AT REM-FIT

THE SIMBA Stratos® Pillow


Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow


THE SIMBA Hybrid® Firm Pillow


How we tested the best pillows for side sleepers:

In putting these pillows to the test, our testers dove into the nitty-gritty, scoring them on quality, support, firmness, and all-around comfort. We didn’t just stop there – we rifled through what you’ve been searching for and tapped into customer reviews to get the real lowdown. Our goal? To cut through the noise and find the best pillows for side sleepers that aren’t just comfy but also made to last. We’ve read what you’ve been searching for, tested as many as we could in the real world, and are working our way through the rest to help you find the right pillow for your needs. Find out more about how we test.

Why might you need a different pillow if you’re a side sleeper?

“Your sleeping position dictates how thick your pillow needs to be – and the firmness level you need,” says Rosie Osmun, sleep science coach at sleep science platform Sleep Junkie. “Sleeping comfortably is all down to spine alignment.”

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“Some can feel sore when their neck isn’t in a neutral position,” notes osteopath Anisha Joshi. “Being supported should ease any pain and help you to get a good night’s sleep.”

What kind of pillows should side sleepers use?

“Side sleepers require a firm pillow with a higher loft to keep their neck healthily in line with the rest of their body,” explains Rosie.

“Sleep specialists suggest the perfect loft for side sleeping is four to six inches.” Additionally, she notes that contoured pillows are often recommended for this sleeping position because they have two edges that allow you to pick which side fits your neck most comfortably, and memory foam tends to be a good material for support as well as keeping the neck aligned.

What to consider when buying a pillow for side sleeping:

A good test, suggests Anisha, is to zone in on how well a pillow keeps you in position once you’re lying down. “If you get a pillow that places you in a position that’s comfortable, then it will help your muscles relax,” she explains. “You should consider what positions cause your neck to feel any pain or discomfort when standing, and ensure that your pillow is working to counteract this.” Anything else? Rosie adds: “You can also place pillows between or beneath your knees to reinforce healthy spinal alignment.”

After more sleep content? Shop the best duvet, duvet covers, the best mattress toppers and the best mattresses – including memory foam mattresses, cheap mattresses and pocket sprung mattressesFor more from GLAMOUR UK’s Commerce Writer Mayola Fernandes, follow her on Instagram @mayolafernandess.

Scroll for our full edit of the best pillows for side sleepers in 2024.

  • 1. Best pillow for side sleepers overallEmma Premium Microfibre PillowSpecifications:
    • Best for – Those after a cruelty-free pillow which suits side sleepers of all ages (children included).
    • Pros – There’s seven ways to customise the pillow by flipping it or taking out layers to change its firmness and height.
    • Cons – Nothing to note.
    • Made from – Outer microfibre cover is made from 100% polyester with a soft touch finish. Filling is made from siliconised hollow fibre 100% polyester.
    • Size – ‎70 x 50 cm.
    • Firmness – Soft.
    The Emma Premium Microfibre Pillow is a fluffy down-alternative cushion with an adjustable height and firmness. Suitable for all sleeping positions, it’s smooth to the touch, and despite being a soft pillow the microfibre filling offers the right amount of ‘bounce’ while still feeling supportive.It’s filled with Emma’s AeroSoft filling which, the brand describes as fluffy and breathable. This filling is made from siliconised micro elastic fibre, so 100% polyester, ensuring it doesn’t feel wiry or clumpy to sleep on. Inside, you’ll find two inserts that can be added or removed, allowing you to customise the height and firmness to your liking.If you have allergies, it’s a great down-alternative pillow to consider. Its removable cover is machine washable at 40°C, the perfect temperature to kill off dust mites. While it’s certainly an investment when full-price, it’s currently reduced in the sale and comes with a 30-night trial, so if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can try it out before you commit.£109 £65.40 AT EMMA SLEEP
  • 2. Best pillow for side sleepers runner upREM-Fit 400 Memory Foam Crumbed PillowSpecifications:
    • Best for – Correcting spine alignment and providing supportive pressure relief.
    • Pros – Pulls sweat away from the body, perfect for any sleeping style.
    • Cons – None here!
    • Made from – Filling – memory foam, outer cover – polyester, inner cover – polyester, cotton.
    • Size – ‎50 x 40 x 12cm.
    • Firmness – Medium-firm.
    Cleverly designed to regulate body temperature, REM-Fit’s memory foam pillow is made with cooling Re-ax® fibres, so you can forget overheating and icky night-time sweats. It works by absorbing body heat and redistributing it away from the pillow, ensuring you remain at optimal temperature as you sleep.The pillows are designed to work with all types of mattresses, from memory foam to pocket sprung, providing support for the head, neck, and shoulders. Add to that the pillows ability to aid correct spinal alignment and pressure-relieving properties and you have perfectly cool comfort all-round, guaranteeing a good night’s sleep.£59 £41.30 AT REM-FIT
  • 3. Most sought-after bed pillow for side sleepersTHE SIMBA Stratos® PillowSpecifications:
    • Best for – Side and front sleepers.
    • Pros – Brand offers 100% carbon-neutral delivery. Pillow is easy to machine wash and tumble dry at home.
    • Cons – It’s often out stock due to popular demand so it’s hard to get your hands on this pillow year-round!
    • Made from – Simba Renew Bio™ down-like clusters of breathable filler with a ‘Better’ cotton cover with Stratos® heat control technology to prevent overheating.
    • Size – ‎50cm x 75cm.
    • Firmness – The brand describes it as ‘soft and down-like’.
    One of the most sought-after offerings from Simba, this Stratos® pillow is filled with a recycled/biodegradable filler unlike its hybrid shredded foam model. As such, it’s softer and more of a competitor for the best down pillows and it’s actually been so popular off the mark that it’s almost always sold out. That said, it’s available right now so we wouldn’t wait around knowing just how often we spot this product out of stock.The Stratos pillow’s fibre fill provides a soft, downy feel, offering cushioning and support without sinking too deeply. Encasing this innovative fill is a cover made from responsibly-sourced cotton, and on one side is Simba’s temperature-regulating Stratos technology that ensures one side will remain cool at all times, so any excess heat is dissipated rapidly – good news for those who tend to run hot at night.

    The cover is non-removable so using a pillowcase will provide an extra layer of protection, ensuring the pillow remains shielded from wear and tear. Fortunately, the entire pillow is designed to withstand machine washing and tumble drying, allowing you to effortlessly maintain its condition with each wash.Save money on everything from the best mattresses with trial periods to the best pillowcase inserts with these Simba discount codes.£60 AT SIMBA
  • 4. Best bamboo pillow for side sleepersMemory Foam Bamboo PillowSpecifications:
    • Best for – Buyers with allergies, much like a latex pillow.
    • Pros – Hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and supportive.
    • Cons – 12cm loft pillow height is perhaps a little bit better for women/smaller buyers.
    • Made from – Bamboo memory foam in a soft bamboo mesh cover – all materials conform to Oeko-Tex standards.
    • Size – 60cm x 40cm.
    • Firmness – Soft.
    If you want to rest easy knowing you’ve done your bit for the planet, this pillow for side sleepers from Panda is a great eco-friendly choice, with the brand sourcing all bamboo materials from approved forests. Its supportive ‘third generation’ memory foam material is designed to stay supportive for ten years, after which it can be recycled as part of their ‘Panda Circle Of Life Programme’.It is protected by a soft, breathable and ethically-sourced bamboo case that is naturally antibacterial – protecting the pillow against dust and dirt so it lasts. There’s a 30-day trial period included, which is ideal if you’re not used to the feel of memory foam and need time to decide if it suits your sleeping style.Previous memory-foam buyers will be familiar with the texture’s signature smell, something that can be off putting and is, unfortunately present in the Panda pillow, though the brand do ensure it disappears after 48 hours. At under £50, we think it’s great value for a high-quality memory foam pillow.£44.95 AT PANDA LONDON

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  • 5. Best hybrid pillow for side sleepersTHE SIMBA Hybrid® Firm PillowSpecifications:
    • Best for – Back sleepers and side sleepers.
    • Pros – Breathable mesh layer, carbon-neutral, eco-friendly, Simba Stratos for temp regulation.
    • Cons – Only available in one size, though the loft is adjustable.
    • Made from – Cotton, GRS certified polyester, Patented titanium Aerocoil® spring layer and Simba Pure foam (Polyurethane).
    • Size – ‎45cm x 70cm x 50cm.
    • Firmness – Your choice with adjustable inner pillows to suit your sleeping position/required support depending on any pressure points etc.
    Simba’s hybrid pillow caters perfectly to couples with varying sleep preferences, allowing them to customise both height and firmness according to their individual sleeping style. Simply unzip the casing and remove “open-cell” foam “nanocubes” to customise the pillow’s support level to your preference.Engineered with temperature control and a breathable structure, the pillow uses Stratos technology on one side of the cover to create a fabric that is cool to the touch but also wicks away excess heat, keeping you cool and dry at the same time.Plus, for those seeking hypoallergenic options, thanks to Simba Renew’s outer cover with anti-allergy fibres this is pillow a reliable choice. While the price is steep, Simba’s B Corp registration assures both comfort and sustainability, making it a worthwhile investment in our opinion.Save money on pillows with low and high loft and down alternative pillows with these Simba Sleep discount codes.£159 AT SIMBA
  • 6. Best microfibre pillow for side sleepersEmma Microfibre PillowSpecifications:
    • Best for – Those after a cruelty-free pillow which suits side sleepers of all ages (children included).
    • Pros – Helps sleep in the correct position, helps with back ache and feels really supportive.
    • Cons – Nothing to note. We were thoroughly impressed.
    • Made from – Cover is made from microfibre 100g/m3 made of 100% polyester with a soft touch finish. Filling is made from siliconised micro elastic fibre 100% polyester.
    • Firmness – Soft/Medium.
    • Size – ‎70 x 50cm.
    • Tested by – Sophie Cockett, GLAMOUR’s Senior European Commerce Editor.
    If you’re struggling with where to start, this super-fluffy pillow for side sleepers is a great all-rounder. “I always sleep on my side,” said Senior European Commerce Editor Sophie Cockett, “and I found the Emma Premium Microfibre to be the perfect marriage between fluffiness and ample support.” It’s aimed to be comfortable for both children and adults, is hypoallergenic and is often reduced in price.It comes neatly rolled in a small box, and upon removing the packaging, explodes into the fluffiest and most luxurious pillow. It’s made of four layers, two of which are removable. Why? It ensures the pillow suits not only side sleepers, but front sleepers and back sleepers, too. Since we were reviewing for side sleepers specifically, we kept all the layers in the pillow as recommended.The top is an airy and breathable cover made from 100% luxurious micro-elastic materials (the navy piping ensures it looks chic even without the addition of your silk pillowcase), while the second is a soft and supportive Aerosoft microfiber filling. Under this, the inner layers are also made of this same Aerosoft microfibre, but they’re thinner, so that you can adjust the height and firmness of the pillow to your exact liking. The pillow felt supportive, kept its shape, felt lightweight and dried really quickly after washing.£75 AT EMMA
  • 7. Best down side sleeper pillowsPair Of Duck Feather & Down PillowsSpecifications:
    • Best for – Buyers with a more modest budget.
    • Pros – Budget-friendly, comes in various sizes and firmness levels.
    • Cons – Not machine washable. Brand suggests shaking daily for fullness.
    • Made from – 90% duck feather, 10% duck down in a cotton percale casing.
    • Size – Standard – 50cm x 75cm or super king – 50cm x 90cm.
    • Firmness – Your choice of softmedium or firm.
    If you crave that ‘sinking’ head-on-pillow feeling every time you get into bed – and really aren’t fans of an extra firm feel – this DUSK pillow for side sleepers not only comes as a pair but is available in soft, medium and firm support levels to cater to your individual sleeping preferences.Filled with 90% duck feather and 10% duck down, each pillow is encased in 100% cotton percale for a luxuriously soft feel. Available in standard or super king sizes, catering to both typical and larger bed frames, these pillows are also among the most budget-friendly options in our edit.It’s worth noting that they require professional laundering as they are not machine washable, and for best results, the brand recommends daily shaking to maintain their plumpness.£45 £24 AT DUSK
  • 8. Most loved memory foam side sleeper pillowBRIGHTR® LUNA adjustable memory foam pillow bundleSpecifications:
    • Best for – Buyers on the hunt for an adjustable pillow for all types of sleepers.
    • Pros – Neck pain relief, adjustable support.
    • Cons – Nothing of note!
    • Made from – Cover from 100% recycled polyester infused with 40% of Copper and 100% Graphene Shredded Memory foam.
    • Size – 50 x 70cm.
    • Firmness – Soft to medium-firm.
    From the Stella to the Eclipse pillow, we’re big fans of Brightr pillows here at GLAMOUR and, apparently, so are you. You’ve been stocking up on the very best Brightr pillows over on our best pillows for neck pain round up, and we don’t blame you. Cooling copper, temperature-regulating graphene memory foam – we’re sold.With its innovative 2-layer design, this pillow allows you to tailor the support to your ideal sleep position by easily adding or removing filling to suit your preference. Enhanced with Copperclean™ Technology, the fabric incorporates tiny copper particles aimed at actively inhibiting bacteria growth, fostering a healthier sleeping environment – ideal for individuals with allergies or sensitive skin.Crafted most specifically to alleviate neck and upper back pain, reduce stiffness, and mitigate tension headaches, it features a two-layer adjustable design ensuring optimal neck support for any sleep position. Plus, if you’re a side sleeper with a preference for firm support, simply opt for three inner layers rather than one or two.£179.90 £99.90 AT BRIGHTR

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  • 9. Best inexpensive pillow for side sleepersSilentnight Side Sleeper Medium PillowSpecifications:
    • Best for – Busy buyers who don’t have time to drop pillows off at a professional cleaner.
    • Pros – Machine washable and suitable for tumble drying. Includes a two-year guarantee.
    • Cons – No breathability or cooling gel for hot sleepers.
    • Made from – 100% microfibre cover with a filling made from 100% hollowfibre polyester.
    • Size – 69cm x 46cm.
    • Firmness – Medium-firm.
    A surprisingly eco-friendly pick, with it being manufactured in the UK and free from animal products (unlike feather pillows), this Silentnight side sleeper pillow is both a top budget pick and a popular choice on the review front, too.It has been specifically designed to provide comprehensive support for side sleepers, distributing weight evenly as you sleep. Its hollow fibre filling offers a comfy and supportive feel, while the soft touch microfibre cover is hypoallergenic and breathable. For added convenience, the entire pillow is machine washable and tumble dryer friendly, ensuring it stays in pristine condition for as long as possible.Save money on pillows with an ergonomic design for side sleepers with these Habitat discount codes.£15 AT HABITAT
  • 10. Best pillow for side sleepers for spine alignmentAeyla The Foamo PillowSpecifications:
    • Best for – Buyers who are after a cooling pillow.
    • Pros – A top pick for customisation, you can customise the height of this pillow by removing any excess filling.
    • Cons – If you decide to remove any foam, you will need to find somewhere to store the filling.
    • Made from – ‎Shredded cooling memory foam fill.
    • Size – ‎50cm x 75cm.
    • Firmness – Medium-firm support.
    Crafted from shredded cooling memory foam, Ayela’s medium-firm support pillow is 100% adjustable as you can top up or remove the filling at home to adjust its plumpness. It’s ideal for those who tend to run hot at night thanks to the cooling, gel-infused memory foam filling that moulds to your head and neck as you sleep.The innovative shredded memory foam helps alleviate pressure points, promoting healthy joint alignment for effective relief from neck pain, headaches, and shoulder discomfort, as it supports proper spine alignment according to the brand. Pair with Aeyla’s weighted blanket for the ultimate ticket to improved sleep.£89 £79 AT AEYLA
  • 11. Best pillow for side sleepers with adjustable height and firmnessDream PillowSpecifications:
    • Best for – Neck pain.
    • Pros – There’s a 30-day money back guarantee if you haven’t found a suitable level of firmness that suits you.
    • Cons – Noting of note!
    • Made from – ‎100% recyclable shredded microfibre memory foam with a 100% cotton and CLOUDpad™ removable lining.
    • Size – ‎Standard pillow – 48cm x 74cm or king size – 48cm x 89cm.
    • Firmness – Adjustable.
    Designed to support all sleeping positions, this memory foam pillow allows you to adjust the height and firmness of your pillow by adding or reducing the amount of foam inside to find a level that works – ideal if you often find pillows too fluffy or too flat.

    Made from 100% OEKO-TEX certified materials, it’s filled with hypoallergenic, breathable, and 100% recyclable shredded microfibre memory foam, enclosed in a incredibly smooth cotton cover for a restful night’s sleep.

    Already good value for money, the current 50% discount makes it an even savvier investment, especially if you’re uncertain about memory foam’s suitability for you; and if the pillow fails to meet your expectations, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee.£99 £49 AT KUDD.LY
  • Image may contain Accessories Bag and Handbag12. Best for pressure and weight distributionEmma Original PillowSpecifications:
    • Best for – Optimal firm support.
    • Pros – Uses open-cell foam for better airflow, preventing overheating and improving sleep comfort.
    • Cons – Nothing of note!
    • Made from – ‎98% polyester and 2% elastane.
    • Size – 70 x 40cm.
    • Firmness – Firm.
    The Emma Original Pillow is designed to cater to the needs of every type of sleeper. It cradles your face with its gel memory foam layer, while providing essential support for your neck as you gently ‘sink in’. Enhanced airflow through its open cell foam promotes uninterrupted rest, complemented by a moisture-resistant cover that’s conveniently machine washable.Its versatility shines through, offering the option to customise with ease – whether it’s flipping to reveal the Airgocell layer for enhanced breathability or adjusting thickness and softness by removing layers. For side sleepers, it’s recommended that you keep all three layers intact for maximum support.£79 £59.25 AT EMMA SLEEP

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  • 13. Best value pillow for side sleepersSnuggledown Side Sleeper PillowSpecifications:
    • Best for – Shoppers seeking a budget-friendly pillow with good support.
    • Pros – It’s very comfortable for the cost.
    • Cons – Reviewers mention it slightly loses its shape with long-term use.
    • Made from – Recycled polyester.
    • Size – ‎64cm x 38cm.
    • Firmness – Firm.
    One of the most affordable options in our edit, Snuggledown’s side sleeper pillow offers excellent value for those seeking firm support with a slightly fuller feel. It features a deep box wall construction, which provides ample neck and shoulder support, which is particularly beneficial for side sleepers, as it helps maintain proper spine and neck alignment, thereby preventing unnecessary stiffness and discomfort.The pillow is filled with a soft clusterfibre filling that is hypoallergenic, making it a suitable choice for allergy sufferers. Encased in a luxurious 230 thread count cotton cover, it feels silky smooth even without an additional pillowcase. You don’t have to worry about any accidental spills or stains either as it’s machine-washable as an extra bonus.£15 AT DUNELM
  • Image may contain Cushion Home Decor Pillow and Furniture14. Best cooling pillow for side sleepersREM-Fit 500 Cool Gel PillowSpecifications:
    • Best for – Hot sleepers.
    • Pros – Temperature regulating, supportive and comes with a 5 year-guarantee.
    • Cons – None here!
    • Made from – Filling: Visco elastic polyurethane foam with gel powders. Cover: 40% Lyocell from Tencel, 60% polyester.
    • Size – 64 x 40 x 12cm.
    • Firmness – Firm.
    • Tested by: Lian Brooks, Audience Development Manager.
    REM-Fit’s Cool Gel Pillow adapts to your movements, keeping you as comfortable as possible all night long. It features gel-infused memory foam to regulate heat and has Re-Ax® fibres that wick sweat away from the body, ensuring a cool and dry sleep environment. It’s suitable for all sleeping styles, including side, back, and front sleepers, and works effectively with all types of mattresses to support proper alignment while you sleep.It lived up to expectations during our tests, too. “As a side sleeper, I like a pillow that’s firm yet soft and plush. After trying this pillow for 30 days, it definitely met my expectations,” says Lian. “One pillow gave the ideal amount of head support, with the memory foam offering the perfect give without feeling like I was drowning in it,” she adds. “I also found myself consciously noticing the cooling
    effect and found it easier to sleep, even on warmer nights.” she says.£99 £49.50 AT REM-FIT
  • Image may contain Cushion Home Decor Pillow Furniture and White Board15. Best memory foam pillow for side sleepersThe Memory Foam Pillow Hybrid Side SleeperSpecifications:
    • Best for – A hypoallergenic pillow that provides head and neck support.
    • Pros – Relieves pressure, breathable, ideal for side sleepers.
    • Cons – None here!
    • Made from – Memory foam center wrapped in anti-allergy hollowfibre, encased in another layer of memory foam for plush comfort.
    • Size – ‎50 x 75cm.
    • Firmness – Firm.
    This hybrid pillow caters specifically to side sleepers, featuring a generously deep-profiled design crafted with memory foam and airy anti-allergy hollowfibre for optimal head and neck support. The pillow comprises a memory foam centre encased in anti-allergy hollowfibre, further enveloped by an additional layer of memory foam, providing the cushiony comfort necessary for a restful sleep.Enhanced with a nifty honeycomb design allowing air circulation, complemented by air mesh borders and a breathable cotton quilted cover, it ensures breathability throughout the night so you can wake up feeling refreshed come morning. The brand is confident in the durability of its pillows, offering a generous 2-year guarantee to demonstrate their quality over time.£70 AT EVESLEEP

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