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4 skin-savvy teens put Bubble skincare to the test and here are their honest thoughts

If you know your skincare, you’ll be in the know on Bubble, the cult US skincare brand loved by Gen Z and Alphas that landed in the UK at the start of the year. The reasons for the Bubble hype and the brand clocking up over 49 millions view on TikTok in the past 12 months? It’s a range of simple, gentle and effective products that do the skincare basics with a playful sense of fun, in both names and packaging (Slam Dunk Moisturiser, anyone?). And with 12 products all under £20 and available at Boots, it’s pocket money friendly.

GLAMOUR caught up with Bubble founder Shai Eisenman on a recent trip to the UK, she revealed it was conversations with Gen Z that inspired the brand’s creation. “After hearing from Gen Z that they didn’t feel their was anything that truly spoke to them, I realised there was a gap in the market for quality products at accessible prices. Yet a healthy skincare routine is essential for everyone from 0-99. A cleansermoisturiser and sunscreen is mandatory for everyone at every age, so we looked at it as a routine that works for everyone.”

With Bubble selling one product a minute in Boots within 4 months of launch and tween and teen skincare a hot topic of conversation, from their insatiable desire for skincare knowledge to the dangers of overdoing actives in young skin, we decided to put it to the GLAMOUR test. We asked 4 skincare savvy teens to try out Bubble skincare, suited to their skin type, to see if it got their seal of approval and lived up to the hype. Here’s what they had to tell us …

The products:

Bubble Skincare, from £14


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Josie, 15

Products: Bubble Super Clear 2% Salicylic Acid Blemish Prevention Serum £18 and Level Up Balancing Gel Moisturiser £16

“I have combination skin and my T-zone can sometimes be quite oily, so it has been very interesting to see what Bubble skincare is like in comparison to my normal routine. Previously I was using the La Roche-Posay Effaclar cleanser, serum, moisturiser and spot treatment, which I find really does help prevent breakouts. From Bubble, I have been testing the Super Clear Blemish Prevention Serum with 2% salicylic acid and the Level Up Balancing Gel Moisturiser and it has definitely kept my skin healthy. The Level Up Moisturiser has kept my skin very soft and smooth, without any tightness and the Super Clear Serum has reduced the appearance of any blemishes I had. However, if you have sensitive skin I would recommend only using the serum a couple of times a week, rather than every night, because it may feel too much for your skin. Overall, I found the fragrance free and effective ingredients make a great skincare brand for teens like me. I would definitely recommend it to others.”

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Most Popular


Rating: 7/10


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Leela, 15

Products: Bubble Fresh Start Gel Cleanser, £16, and Day Dream Vitamin C + Niacinaminde Serum, £18, and Slam Dunk Hydrating Moisturiser, £16

“Before Bubble, I had been using Cerave face wash and a Simple moisturiser. My skin type is quite dry, so when I used the Bubble Gel Cleanser I found it really helped. My only dislike was that it did make my skin feel quite tight afterwards. But when I then used the Day Dream Serum afterwards, and this made my skin feel even and smooth. This was a very good product and I rate it an 7/10. I especially liked the Slam Dunk Hydrating Moisturiser, I used it as the last step. This was my favourite out of the three and I would recommend it the most. It does a really good job of hydrating skin and keeping it nourished and soft without it feeling too heavy. For dry skin types I found it worked really well so I would give it an 8/10. Overall I think all of these products made a difference, particularly the moisturiser and I will one hundred percent be using them again.”

Rating: 8/10


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Flo, 14

Products: Bubble Bounce Back Balancing Toner Mist, £14 and Float On Soothing Facial 0il, £19.

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“I have loved trying all the Bubble products as I’ve seen many of them online. I have really dry skin on my face, so for me my favourite product was the Bounce Back Balancing Mist as it added a layer of hydration to my face over the top of my make up. It made my skin feel smooth and fresh throughout the day. I also enjoyed using the Overnight Hydrating Sleep Mask, £19, for added moisture. However, I wasn’t such a fan of the face oil, it was a little too oily and slippery for me, and definitely made my make up slip off during the day. I’d say it’s better just for evening use. Overall I’d give the range an 8/10 as I thought it performed well.”

Rating: 8/10


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May, 15

Products: Bubble Fresh Start Gel Cleanser, £16, and Day Dream Vitamin C + Niacinaminde Serum, £18, and Cloud Surf Water Cream Moisturizer, £16

“After using Bubble products on my combination skin, I can visibly see the difference. Previously, I had to reapply creams to certain drier areas, but now I can do one application in the morning and don’t need to reapply again until my evening skin care routine. I was surprised as it has cleared up some scarring by my hairline, which I wasn’t expecting but is a welcome bonus. I also think it’s great value for money. In the weeks I’ve been using it, it feels like I have hardly made a dent in the amount of product that I would normally would have gone through. I’m really pleased with the results and it definitely seems to have brought a clarity and clearness to my skin overall.”

Rating: 9/10



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