How to get a red carpet-worthy glow up, according to a celebrity facialist |

How to get a red carpet-worthy glow up, according to a celebrity facialist

If awards season was anything to go by, the Met Gala tonight (May 6th) promises to serve up yet more snatched complexions, coaxed out by a celebrity facialist and high-tech gadgets that work beneath the surface where the skin-plumping magic happens.

After all, no makeup look, however inspired, would be complete without perfectly prepped skin as a canvas.

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Here, celebrity facialist Keren Bartov – who is responsible for making celebrities including Carey MulliganSienna MillerPriyanka ChopraDemi Moore and Jodie Comer look their best on the red carpet – shares exactly how she does it.

Combine traditional massage with medical devices

“My celebrity clients prioritise healthy, strong, clear and glowing skin,” says Keren. “My approach is to use a custom blend of traditional skin treatment techniques – cleansingfacial massagelymphatic drainagepeels, extractions – with a combination of medical devices that are clinically proven to give instant and longer-term results without downtime.

“I use up to five devices in one treatment so skin issues are dealt with, as well as lifting, firming, tightening pores and boosting collagen and elastin,” she continues. “The important thing is that every treatment is bespoke to the client, so I don’t have a treatment menu.”

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

“I give all my celebrity clients ‘homework’ – products I’ve chosen from my skincare line that will bring out the best in their skin and continue the excellent work of the treatment,” says Keren, adding that this includes a special focus on fatty acids to flood skin with hydration (the Advanced Skin Repair Serum is the exact product Keren prescribes, or you can find this powerhouse ingredient in The Ordinary Soothing & Barrier Support Serum).

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Focus on sculpting and lifting

The day before, Keren uses a trio of technologies to get her clients red carpet ready. “These include the TriLIFT, a new muscle stimulation device that tones and lifts while strengthening the facial muscles and boosting natural volume,” she says.

This can be used alongside NuEra Tight, “temperature-controlled radio frequency that can be used on the face to tighten and sculpt” by using heat to contract the collagen in your skin. And finally Geneo X, which boosts oxygen in skin cells and delivers both skin-smoothing ultrasound and lymphatic drainage massage to get rid of any puffiness.

“Together they improve skin texture, reduce redness, tighten the skin and stimulate collagen and elastin production,” says Keren. “They leave the complexion luminous, clear and camera-ready. The glow is like no other!”

Up the ante with ultrasound

When her clients “need something extra”, Keren leans on the Gold Lift device to lift the skin without surgery. “This next-generation ultrasound technology is a clinically proven, non-invasive device that remodels and regenerates collagen, firming, sculpting and shaping to improve the overall texture and appearance of the skin,” she says.


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“The results are a natural-looking facelift, an enhanced jawline, and firm neck and chin, lasting up to 12 months after one treatment with no downtime.”

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