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Kate Moss went to a country wedding in short shorts, a fedora hat and heels

No matter when you’re reading this, you can be sure that Kate Moss is the best dressed at whatever event she has just attended.

The ‘Moss phenomenon‘, as we all know, is nothing new and her personal style has always shone beyond what she was paid to wear or promote as part of her job as a model.

There are many memorable moments since the beginning of her career but, in the middle of the wedding season, we can’t help but throwback to a very specific look she wore back in 2006.

It was at the wedding of her good friend, Bobby Gillespie (the frontman of the band Primal Scream) to stylist Katy England. Held in a small church in Staffordshire, it was said to have been the inspiration for her own wedding to Jamie Hince in 2011.

But back to the outfit, and what Kate Moss wore that day in July 2006 was nothing short of groundbreaking. When it comes to wedding guest dressing at least…

We’re talking short shorts, a blazer, a fedora hat and heels. There is no such thing as perfection, but this look is close (very close).

Kate Moss went to a country wedding in short shorts a fedora hat and heels

See more pics of the iconic look here.

The wedding, of course, was not entirely typical of two people who decide to get married in the countryside, taking advantage of the few sunny days of the British summer.

He, a rocker; she, a stylist. Many of the guests, of course, came from the world of showbusiness and fashion, so it was a given that they were going to reinterpret the rural, bohemian style that the location demanded. But few did it better that Miss Moss, who was accompanied by her daughter, Lila Grace, and Lila’s father, Jefferson Hack (already her ex-partner by this point but one of her best friends regardless).

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She could not have chosen a more relaxed, less over-the-top outfit; after all, she was not the focus of the day and, in a way no doubt, tried to go unnoticed. But her accessories gave her away, with those sky-high heeled sandals reminding everyone that Moss is every inch the supermodel.

And the fedora hat in the same colour as the two-piece, decorated with a polka dot scarf and a flower, reminded us that she is an undisputed and timeless style icon.

With headwear almost mandatory at traditional British weddings back in the 00s, there was still no chance Kate Moss was going to wear something conventional. Neither, of course, was she going to skip bridal protocol, so transforming the fedora (so edgy and so her) into a wedding guest headpiece is nothing short of stylistic genius.

This story originally appeared on GLAMOUR ES.

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