This brightening serum is so popular, one sells every 30 seconds. But is it worth the hype? |

This brightening serum is so popular, one sells every 30 seconds. But is it worth the hype?

There’s little we love more at GLAMOUR than putting a viral beauty range to the test. Does it live up to the social media hype? What makes the formulation special; is it bringing something new to the market? Does it actually deliver the results it claims?

So, when we saw that the Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Dark Spot Serum claims to be 62 times more effective than vitamin C* – basically the number one ingredient dermatologists recommend for reviving dull skin – we were intrigued, and a little sceptical.

The powerful active ingredient in question? Viniferine, which is the brand’s patented ingredient derived from vine sap. In the French vineyards of times gone by, young girls used grapevine sap on their face and hands to reduce dark spots and brighten their complexions, as it helps to regulate melanin production and fade marks left by sun, age, acne or pregnancy. Plus, its gentle formula is suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Brightening Dark Spot Serum  Brightening Micropeel Foam Review

And, according to the clinical trials, it works. One bottle of Vinoperfect Dark Spot Serum visibly reduced dark spots by 63% on all skin tones over 8 weeks, and by 81% on deeper skin tones**. But even after just 7 days, dark spots were visibly brightened by 25%)***.

It’s no wonder a bottle of the stuff sells every 30 seconds worldwide. And now that Caudalie is adding a new product to the cult range – the Brightening Micropeel Foam, used like a cleanser to gently remove dead skin cells for a clearer, brighter complexion, with 81% of testers seeing an improvement in just 30 seconds**** – we knew we had to put it to the test.

Three GLAMOUR staffers with different dark spot concerns put the Vinoperfect Dark Spot Serum & Brightening Micropeel Foam to the test to see if they really deserve the mega hype. Here are the results…

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Fiona Ward, GLAMOUR’s Acting Website Director

Rating: 9/10

I have a fairly significant amount of acne scarring on my cheeks, thanks to years of hormonal breakouts (and far too much spot squeezing) – so I was really keen to see if these products would help fade my marks. On the first day of testing, I was dealing with some of my usual breakouts, too, so I did wonder if introducing a new serum might make things worse – but I needn’t have worried. If anything, my skin feels clearer than ever.

After using the Caudalie Vinoperfect serum each morning for two weeks, I’ve noticed that my skin is brighter and more even, and feels balanced and hydrated, too. I love that it’s a natural alternative to niacinamide and vitamin C – so it’s super gentle and doesn’t cause any tingling or reaction. I’ve already swapped it into my routine instead of my usual vitamin C serum.

As for the Brightening Micropeel Foam, it’s a game-changer in terms of glow – the effect is instant at exfoliating and brightening, and again, it’s so gentle. It’s ideal for daily use (I apply it each evening), but I’ll be keeping it in my arsenal as a skin booster for special occasions, too. After just two weeks of use (and a new haircut), I can’t believe the results – I’ve found two new firm favourites.

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Robyn Eugene, GLAMOUR’s Social Media Manager

Rating: 9/10

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I’ve always struggled with hyperpigmentation and an uneven complexion. It was a big insecurity when I was a teenager, particularly the darkness I had around my mouth, cheekbones and eyes, which is super common in brown women. More recently, an unfortunate incident with some hot wax during an at-home ‘tash removal session earned me a few dark scars.

So, when I got my hands on Caudalie products, I couldn’t wait to see if they could finally give me the clear, even skin I’ve always dreamed of. My only worry was that they might also lighten my freckles in the process.

The products had a delightful scent, with a subtle clinical fragrance, and they felt amazing on my skin. The foam very quickly rubs into a watery wash which feels like it’s really getting to work on my skin, without stripping my face dry of natural oils when it’s washed off. The serum is great for rehydrating after using the foam wash and rubs into your skin effortlessly, leaving a smooth glow with no residue.

Fast forward two weeks, and I’m seeing real results. My skin tone is more even, and those pesky dark spots have definitely faded. The patches around my mouth have softened, giving me a more uniform appearance. And the best part? My freckles are still intact. Needless to say, these products are now a permanent fixture in my skincare routine. Not only do they brighten my complexion, but they also leave my skin feeling incredibly soft, clean, and nourished.

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Denise Primbet, GLAMOUR’s Commerce Writer

Rating: 9/10

As someone who’s no stranger to acne scarring, I’m always on the lookout for innovative formulas to help brighten up my complexion and effectively fade away my dark spots. Naturally, when I got my hands on Caudalie’s Vinoperfect range, I was intrigued. I’ve been using both the Brightening Dark Spot Serum and the Brightening Micropeel Foam for just over two weeks now, and, frankly speaking, I don’t think my skincare routine will ever be the same.

The milky serum felt incredibly hydrating and soothing on the skin, which automatically scores points for my dry and sensitive skin. The result? Luminous and nourished skin immediately after applying and brighter, more even and radiant complexion over prolonged and regular use.

The Brightening Micropeel Foam also surprised me by just how gently it managed to cleanse my face without stripping it from its natural moisture. Instead, this AHA-and-prebiotic-infused face wash managed to soothe my redness over time, while effectively buffing away any impurities.

After two weeks, I noticed a sizable improvement in my acne scars, which definitely looked a lot more faded as a result of consistent use. I’ve also noticed that overall, my skin tone appeared a lot more even and radiant than before, which also meant that I was more confident on my makeup-free days. The best part? No irritation or red flare-ups whatsoever.


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* In vitro test of the inhibiting action of Viniferine on tyrosinase

**Clinical test, dermatological scoring on dark spot colouration, 65 volunteers, 56 days.

***Clinical study, dermatological scoring on dark spot coloration, 65 volunteers, 7 days

**** *Clinical test: % of satisfaction, 21 volunteers, 28 days

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