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‘Blonzer’ is the freshest way to do sunset blush for summer 2024

Sun-kissed skin may be in, but the rosy, flushed glow of ‘blonzer’ – a portmanteau of bronzer and blusher – is the new way to wear it.

While perfectly sketched eyeliner is a stretch in the heat, a wash of pinky, bronzed colour on the cheeks isn’t. Better still, blonzer only involves using a single product and it doesn’t call for neat edges, either. In fact, the more blurred together the finish, the more realistic it looks.

So what exactly is ‘blonzer’? Typically, it’s an all-in-one blusher and bronzer palette that pulls on what your cheeks look like after being out in the sun for a few hours.

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Look to Chanel’s new Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sun-Kissed Powder, for example. Neat stripes of highlighter, blusher and bronzer are packed together in an XL compact, each taking into account skin tone and undertones for the five shade options that range from light coral to deep mauve.

A trio of summery shades also forms the basis of Beauty Pie’s Awesome Bronze palette, while Dior has launched its limited edition Forever Natural Bronze Glow, an embossed bronzing powder with a streak of vibrant blush that diffuses onto cheeks for the merest whisper of sun-warmed skin.

Where should you apply blonzer?

Cream-based bronzers allow you to tap into the viral ‘sunset blush’ look created by TikToker Alissa Janay (a video that now has one million likes), in which she dabs on two shades of liquid blush (pink on the cheekbone, orange just below it), a swipe of highlighter and buffs it all together.


For a softer afterglow, look to a powder blonzer palette, featuring shades that mimic the setting sun. Layer a bright shade of blusher on top of bronzer, followed by a shimmery highlighter on the outer corner of the eye and smudge it all together.

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Alternatively, Chanel makeup artist Marco Antonio prefers to add a little precision, applying each shade in a blonzer palette separately and strategically, starting with the bronzer.

“Think about where the sun naturally hits – the forehead, temples, cheekbones, bridge of the nose and jawline,” says Marco. “These are the areas you’ll want to bronze to create a natural-looking tan.”

In terms of tools, he recommends choosing an angled brush for more control. After loading up the brush with bronzer, “lightly tap it to remove any excess product as this avoids a heavy or patchy application,” Marco notes. “Using circular or back-and-forth motions, focus on the outer perimeter of your face, blending the bronzer into your hairline for a seamless finish.”

Blush is integral to the look, too. Marco recommends that it should be applied to “the apples of the cheeks and a bit on the temple,” while makeup artist Liz Pugh relies on rosy shades to lift a sun-kissed complexion.

“Bronzers can often be more matte in texture, so without blusher skin can feel a little flat,” she says. “Bronzer/blusher duos are great for combining the two products you need for a healthy glow.”

To create the most realistic effect with powder formulas, Liz has this advice: “After applying both shades, rub your hands together to create warmth, then press them onto the cheek area. This brings the skin back to life, as powder formulas will be flatter on the skin than a cream formula.”

How to match blonzer shades to your skin tone

The beauty of blonzers, says Liz, is that “the perfect colour combination for the blusher and bronzer is already decided, so the hard work has already been done for you.”

That said, you still want to choose a blonzer palette that is nearest to your natural skin tone. “It should just be a little warmer for a more natural look,” she adds.

This is especially true of the bronzer element, which is your starting point for choosing a blonzer. “Your skin’s undertone plays a crucial role,” says Marco. “If it is cool, look for bronzers with taupe or ash undertones to avoid appearing too orange or muddy. If your undertone is warm, opt for more golden or reddish bronzers.”

A useful hack for evaluating your skin’s undertones is to look at the veins in your wrist. Green veins usually mean you have warm undertones; you’re on the cooler side if they are blue or purple-looking.


How to determine your skin’s undertones with 3 foolproof techniques

Consider this the key to finding your exact foundation shade.


The depth of your skin tone will also influence your bronzer choice. “If you have fair skin, choose a bronzer that is only a shade or two darker than your natural skin tone,” Marco recommends.

“For medium skin tones, opt for bronzers with warm caramel or honey tones,” he continues. “If you have dark skin, look for bronzers with rich, deep shades that provide a subtle warmth.”

Then swatch your chosen blonzer “on your jawline or the back of your hand and blend it out to see how it looks against your skin.”

Our edit of the best blonzers to try

Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow Sun-Kissed Powder




First impression: gorgeous pigments. Followed by: I need this XL compact in my life. Designed to simultaneously illuminate and warm up your skin, this summer’s Les Beiges offering kicks up the luxury factor a notch and turns blonzer application into something we actually look forward to.

Dior Forever Natural Bronze Glow Limited Edition



£53 £47.70 AT BOOTS


Four shades combine to create a multi-dimensional finish with a pop of satiny blush. The finely-milled powder ensures the colour won’t suffocate or settle into pores.

Stila Blush & Bronze Hydro-Blur Cheek Duo




Prefer a cream formula? This dual-ended blonzer is idea for whipping out on the sly and blends out seamlessly with no signs of streaking.

Kiko Smart Blush And Bronzer Palette


Apply separately or mix together and load up a brush for “sun stripping”, where a strip of colour is draw across one cheekbone to the other, across the nose.

Benefit Hoola Treasure Island Mini Bronzer and Blush Duo



Two iconic summer shades in one travel-size set. The Hoola Toasted Bronzer delivers buildable colour to chisel your cheekbones, while the Crystah blush imparts a delicious strawberry-pink hue to cheeks.

Beauty Pie Awesome Bronze


Described by the brand as a “triple glow-booster”, this all-in-one bronzer/blusher/highlighter creates a soft-focus flush and is refillable.

It Cosmetics Glow With Confidence Sun Blush


This blusher-bronzer hybrid is a different riff on blonzer as the colour is pre-mixed. But it’s just as lust-worthy with its balmy texture and formula boasting hydrating hyaluronic acid, which ensures it melts effortlessly into cheeks.

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