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Where is Robert Shinn from Dancing for the Devil now?

Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult is Netflix’s shocking new three-part docuseries that follows the story of a young dancer who joined talent management company 7M, only to find herself in the midst of an alleged cult and cut off from her family.

Founded by self-declared “man of God” Robert Shinn in 2021, according to its website 7M Films represents “some of the top social media influencers in the world”.

However, after joining, Miranda Wilking (now Miranda Derrick) disappeared from her family’s life, with this series examining her story and those of other TikTok dancers who believed themselves “trapped in a cult masquerading as a management company called 7M”, as per Netflix’s trailer.

Miranda’s family have since claimed that she is being held captive by a religious cult, with them having concerns for her safety and “desperately trying to get their daughter out”. The documentary is a heartbreaking insight into the devastating consequences this alleged cult had on its members and their loved ones, with the series featuring multiple testimonies from former members and dancers who are now working to piece their lives back together.

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There’s a lot of layers to Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult, though at the centre of it is Robert Shinn. Responsible for running 7M while also acting as a pastor at a private church called Shekinah, multiple disturbing allegations have been made against Shinn.

As reported by Rolling Stone, in their cross-complaint claimants allege that “Shekinah is a cult operating under the guise of a religious institution”

They add “Robert refers to himself as ‘the Man of God’ and preaches to Shekinah members and that [sic] without submitting to him and without Shekinah, their lives will be cursed. Robert required full physical and economic and control [sic] over Shekinah members.”

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But where is Robert Shinn now? Here’s everything we know.

What is 7M Films?

Reportedly founded by Robert Shinn in 2021, little is known about the talent management company 7M Films, though according to its website “7M Films, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based talent management company representing some of the top social media influencers in the world. Since 7M was founded in 2021, the collective social media following of our clients has grown from 1.78 million to 10.42 million.”

Though they boast clients that include “professional dancers, actors, models and music industry professionals”, limited information on the firm or how to apply to be represented by 7M is available.


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What is Shekinah Church?

In addition to running 7M Films, Robert Shinn serves as the pastor of LA’s Shekinah Church. Beyond the accusations from its former members, little is known about the church, with a majority of Shekinah’s former members having also been part of 7M.

statement posted to 7M’s Instagram page reads “You do not have to be a member of the Shekinah Church to be represented by 7M, nor do you have to be represented by 7M to be a member of the Shekinah Church.”

It also adds that Shekinah Church is a Christian church formed in 1994.

How you can become a member of the church isn’t detailed, though individuals from the Dancing For The Devil documentary allege that by 2021 the church was invite-only.

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Where is Robert Shinn now?

As covered in the concluding moments of Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult, no criminal charges have been brought against Shinn, however an ongoing civil lawsuit between Shinn and some of 7M’s former clients is due to go to trial next year. All parties deny the allegations made against them.

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In a statement to The Cut in May 2022, Miranda Derrick said “I am not held against my will and I’ve never been a hostage. “I go to church and I have faith in God. If one day I wish to pursue my faith elsewhere, I will and feel completely free to do that.”

“As far as my career, my time at 7M Films has been one of the most exciting years ever and if one day I wish to partner with a different management company or start my own company, I will. No one is forcing me to do anything. I am excited to move forward in this incredible walk with God, an amazing marriage and exciting career. I’m also looking forward to moving past all of this and mend my relationship with my family privately.”

In March 2022, Shinn also spoke out after Derrick’s family went public with their allegations against the 7M founder.

A representative for 7M Films and Robert Shinn told the Daily Mail “The false and sensational allegations about 7M stem directly from a dispute between 7M-represented dancer Miranda Derrick and her estranged family.”

“Despite her family’s claims, Miranda is a successful businesswoman and a loving wife and daughter who cares very much about her family. It is pathetic and contemptible to try to turn her private family matters into a tawdry public scandal for clicks and clout.”

The statement added, “While the recent portrayals of Dr Robert Shinn and 7M Films have been wildly offensive and riddled with inaccuracies, those false claims will not deter 7M from supporting Miranda in whichever endeavours she chooses to pursue next.”

Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult is available to watch on Netflix now.


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