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13 of the best cooling mattress toppers to help curb night sweats

Nothing beats sleeping on one of the best cooling mattress toppers for relief from sticky, hot weather. Particularly if you tend to overheat at night. Sure, transitioning from dense, high thread count bedding to lighter materials (such as cotton and linen) can be a game-changer in combating night sweats, but switching your basic mattress topper to a more breathable pick will have the most noticeable impact on your slumber.

In recent years, lots of sleep tech brands have dedicated resources to developing moisture-wicking fabrics engineered to enhance airflow, and in certain instances, these advanced mattress toppers are even designed to actively cool your body as your temperature increases. By investing in one, you can ensure that your sleep environment remains optimal, even during the hottest nights of the year.

What do I need to consider, you ask? We’d recommend thinking first about whether you’re someone who struggles with overheating generally or something more specific, for example night sweats. For the former, you’ll want to look to open-cell materials like latex, which boast breathability to ensure your body heat doesn’t become trapped. Think, for instance, this 3 cm Latex Mattress Topper from Wayfair. On the flipside, buyers who build up a sweat while they sleep might lean towards more moisture-wicking choices like this Dorma Tencel Blend Memory Foam Mattress Topper.

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The best cooling mattress toppers, at a glance:

  1. Best overall – THE SIMBA Hybrid® Topper, £219, Simba
  2. Best runner up – Emma Premium Topper, £197.40, Emma
  3. Best gel-infused – Aidapt Memory Foam Cool Mattress Topper, £50, Argos
  4. Best memory foam – Panda 5cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper, £113.99, Wayfair
  5. Best rated – Dorma Tencel Blend Memory Foam Mattress Topper, £120, Dunelm

THE SIMBA Hybrid® Topper


Emma Premium Topper

£329 AT EMMA

Aidapt 5.0cm Memory Foam Cool Mattress Topper


Panda 5cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper

£98.99 £88.99 AT WAYFAIR

How we test mattress toppers

Our dedicated in-house team of testers have reviewed a selection of these cooling mattress toppers, putting them to the test in our own homes to determine their efficacy. We’ve spent hot nights and endured heatwaves, sleeping on these breathable toppers to gauge their ability to regulate nighttime temperatures. For those we haven’t had the chance to test firsthand, we’ve sifted through reviews and called on experts to curate an edit of the best recommendations out there.

How to choose the best cooling mattress topper?

When selecting a cooling mattress topper, prioritise materials known for breathability, such as gel-infused memory foam, latex or natural materials such as wool. Look out for toppers with open-cell or ventilated designs to promote airflow and heat dissipation that will ensure you remain cool throughout the night. We’d also consider the thickness of the topper too, as thicker options are likely to retain more heat and opting for a mattress topper with a removable, machine washable cover will ensure easy maintenance.

Do cooling mattress toppers work?

Yes, but it entirely depends on what your mattress and/or topper is made of. Say, for instance, your mattress is made of a non-breathable memory foam then you might find it builds up heat and sweat through the night. In situations like this you would certainly benefit from a cooling mattress topper to help regulate your temperature in warmer weather.

By contrast, if you currently own a semi-temperature regulating mattress – like a gel-infused memory foam – and layer it up with another memory foam topper (this time of the non-gel variety), you’ll likely find your original sleep surface would have been better at keeping you cool.

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In summary, check your mattress and ensure that you’re browsing toppers with either similar or more cooling properties.

What material is best for cooling toppers?

Within the world of foam, you’ll want to steer towards perforated foams like latex, which is naturally super breathable. Similarly, gel-infused foams are less likely to trap heat in warmer weather. See, for instance, Wayfair’s White Noise Latex Topper and Argos’ Aidapt Topper.

Meanwhile, when it comes to cooling fibre toppers, you’ll want to research more wicking fabrics like Tencel and Nylon. Cotton, on the other hand, is more likely to hold moisture and cause issues for buyers suffering with night sweats. Our picks? Dorma’s Tencel Blend Topper and Sealy’s Anti Allergy Hollowfibre Mattress Topper.

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Keep scrolling for the best cooling mattress toppers in 2024 for a comfortable night’s sleep (no matter the weather).

  • Best cooling mattress topper overallTHE SIMBA Hybrid® TopperSpecifications –
    • Best for: Buyers on the hunt for a washable topper and a washable cover.
    • Pros: Breathable, supportive, and has a removable, washable cover.
    • Cons: None!
    • Sizes available: Single, small double, double, king size and super king size.
    • Materials: Simbatex® foam (CertiPUR® verified), high resilience/density CertiPUR® foam, Aerocoil™ 20mm springs and polyester.
    • Machine washable/tumble dryer friendly? Yes, machine washable but not tumble dryer suitable.
    Featuring 2,500 Aerocoil springs inside for enhanced support and comfort, this innovative design includes a layer of open-cell Simbatex foam, facilitating 30 times more airflow than traditional foam. It’s infused with natural graphite, renowned for its heat-wicking properties, and complemented by a breathable surface to ensure a cool and comfortable sleep experience every night.The topper features an anti-slip base and four snug-fit corner straps to keep it firmly in place, so you don’t have to worry about it slipping off your mattress, sofa bed, or inflatable. It’s a top pick for women’s time of the month, or even the menopause thanks to it’s temperature regulating properties and, what’s more, the 200-night trial is super generous – you’ll really know whether it’s a good fit together with your duvetmattress etc. by the end of that!Save money on a new top layer sleep surface with cooling technology to tackle hot flashes by using these Simba discount codes.£219 AT SIMBA
  • Best cooling mattress topper return policyEmma Premium TopperSpecifications –
    • Best for: Body temperature control and pressure relief.
    • Pros: It’s washable, flippable, and comes with a sleep trial.
    • Cons: No anti-slip layer or straps to secure the topper.
    • Sizes available: Single, small double, double, king size and super king size.
    • Materials: Polyester, lyocell, elastane, polypropylene, premium ThermoSync® foam layer and adaptable HRX comfort foam with graphite, all OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified.
    • Machine washable/tumble dryer friendly? Yes, at 40°C.
    This sumptuous 9cm thick topper delivers in pressure-relieving comfort like never before, transforming the feel of any mattress. Its removable and washable top cover ensures effortless maintenance, while its graphite coating will keep you at an optimal temperature throughout the night.You’ll get a whopping 100-night sleep trial within which to try and return your topper and, after that, another 10-year warranty should anything fall below your expectations once the tester period is over. It’s worth noting that there isn’t a mention of an anti-slip layer nor elasticated straps to secure the topper in place, though of course you could use a protector or fitted bed sheets to do this.Save money on breathable new mattress toppers for hot sleepers with these Emma discount codes.£329 AT EMMA
  • Best gel-infused cooling mattress topperAidapt 5.0cm Memory Foam Cool Mattress TopperSpecifications –
    • Best for: Contoured support.
    • Pros: Anti-allergy, breathable, affordable.
    • Cons: It has no elastic straps to keep it in place.
    • Sizes available: Single, double, king size.
    • Materials: Gel memory foam.
    • Machine washable/tumble dryer friendly? No.
    With a cooling gel-infused memory foam, this affordable pick from Aidapt courtesy of Argos will upgrade your current mattress protector tenfold. The egg-crate texture is designed to help with shoulder, back pain and the like and, what’s more, if you don’t love the feel of the rippled contour side, you can simply flip the topper for a smoother surface that’ll be undetectable under your fitted sheet.It has a comfortable depth of 5cm, providing extra cushioning without significantly altering your mattress’s feel, making it ideal for those who want additional comfort without changing the overall firmness of their existing mattress.Save money on mattress pads that prioritise your temperature regulation and body heat with these Argos discount codes.£33 AT ARGOS
  • Best memory foam cooling topperPanda 5cm Memory Foam Mattress TopperSpecifications –
    • Best for: A good night’s sleep with a guilt-free conscience thanks to the eco-friendly nature of this pick.
    • Pros: Eco-friendly, cooling and pressure-relieving.
    • Cons: None here, it’s even got an anti-slip layer!
    • Sizes available: Single, small double, double, king, super king, EU single, EU double, EU king, emperor.
    • Materials: Memory foam, Hydro Foam™ and rayon from bamboo.
    • Machine washable/tumble dryer friendly? Yes, but dryer not mentioned.
    We love Panda London for its eco-friendly bedding. This mattress topper is not only a top pick for sustainability, but it’s a super suggestion for eczema and sensitive skin sufferers. It will help to extend the life of an existing mattress by adding an extra layer of cushioning and protection, which absorbs much of the wear and tear and reduces strain on the underlying mattress.There’s a handy removable cover should any accidental drinks spillages occur, along with adjustable straps, which are ideal for securing it in place on deeper mattresses. It’s a top pick for side and back sleepers as it relieves pressure from the neck, shoulders, and back at the same time.Save money on everything from the best pillows, cooling mattress pads and medium-firm comfort level toppers with these Wayfair retailer discount codes.£98.99 £88.99 AT WAYFAIR

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  • Best cooling mattress topper you can try out in-storeDorma Tencel Blend Memory Foam Mattress TopperSpecifications –
    • Best for: Contoured support of pressure points.
    • Pros: Available in different sizes, moulds to your body shape and comes with a 10-year guarantee.
    • Cons: No trial period.
    • Sizes available: Single, double, king, super king.
    • Materials: Polyamide, Tencel, polyester, cotton and visco elastic polyurethane foam (not to be confused with Viscosoft, the US topper brand by a similar name).
    • Machine washable/tumble dryer friendly? No, sponge spot clean.
    A more premium offering, this Dorma topper is comparable price-wise to the Saatva topper over in the US. Much like the Saatva, the Dorma boasts an oh-so-cooling makeup, this time with Tencel rather than graphite. More than 2k buyers are fans, but our one negative comparison between the two high-end brands would be the lack of antimicrobial coating on the Dorma. Then again, the Saatva is ever so slightly more expensive.While neither Dorma nor Dunelm offer a trial period on this product, feeler samples are available in-store so you can get a more confident feel for your new sleep surface before committing. Plus, it’s backed by a generous 10 year guarantee for peace of mind.Save money on our top picks for the best cooling mattress toppers that are actually comfy with these Dunelm discount codes.£150 AT DUNELM
  • Best affordable cooling topperSealy Anti Allergy Hollowfibre Mattress TopperSpecifications –
    • Best for: The ultimate dryer friendly and machine-washable cover/pad/topper.
    • Pros: Held in place by elastic corner straps. Allergy-friendly.
    • Cons: The material isn’t as durable as others.
    • Sizes available: Single, double, king, super king.
    • Materials: Polyester.
    • Machine washable/tumble dryer friendly? Yes to both.
    Sealy – a similarly priced brand to its ever-popular competitor Silentnight – have really hit the ball out of the park with this one. Anti-allergy for bacterial protection, a 2-year guarantee and the promise of odour resistance – we’re sold.In our experience polyester makeup and fill bedding – from duvets to bed sheets – aren’t as durable as, say, latex, organic cotton and silk. That said, at budget-friendly price of £35, we still think it’s great value for money.Save money on mattress toppers to improve your all-round sleep experience and nighttime wellness with these Argos discount codes.£35 AT ARGOS
  • Best wool mattress topperDeluxe Wool Mattress TopperSpecifications –
    • Best for: Risk free 30 night sleep trial.
    • Pros: Breathable, moisture-wicking, hypoallergenic, and eco-friendly.
    • Cons: Expensive.
    • Sizes available: Single, small double, double, king size and super king size.
    • Materials: 1000gsm of traceable British wool, outer fabric: 100% 200tc organic cotton.
    • Machine washable/tumble dryer friendly? Dry clean only.
    Despite being insulating, wool’s natural thermoregulation properties make it effective at keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer by wicking away sweat. Woolroom’s deluxe topper is an excellent choice for allergy sufferers thanks to its natural materials, and its organic cotton cover helps keep you cooler throughout the night by wicking moisture and heat away.It includes elasticated bands to make sure no sliding occurs, ensuring your topper securely grips your mattress at all times. While we don’t have any qualms about the mattress topper; it’s an eco-friendly choice with a wide range of size options, it does come with a higher price tag.£169.99 £127.49 AT THE WOOL ROOM UK
  • Best padded cooling mattress protectorTemperature Balance Quilted Mattress ProtectorSpecifications –
    • Best for: Buyers who don’t need much cushioning in their topper.
    • Pros: Temperature-regulating, soft and comfortable.
    • Cons: It might not feel as supportive as a topper.
    • Sizes available: Single, double, king size, super king size and emperor.
    • Materials: Cotton, polypropylene and cotton with an Outlast® phase-change material coating.
    • Machine washable/tumble dryer friendly? Yes, machine washable but dryer not mentioned.
    The White Company is our go-to brand for cotton covers for duvets, silk pillowcases and so much more – everything is just so luxe. This quilted mattress protector is no exception. It’s well reviewed by buyers and, thanks to said reviews, you’ll be able to find answers to any FAQs the brand might have missed.While it is padded, as a protector more than a memory foam or fibre topper it won’t provide as much support as the other toppers you may read about in this guide. That said, the cotton fill will certainly take the edge off any pokey springs or dips in cheap mattresses.£100 AT THE WHITE COMPANY

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  • Best cooling mattress topper for air circulationComfortably Cool Mattress TopperSpecifications –
    • Best for: The perfect balance of affordability and comfort.
    • Pros: Comes in many sizes, keeps you cool, and can be washed in a machine.
    • Cons: Nothing of note!
    • Sizes available: Single, double, king size and super king size.
    • Materials: 100% cotton, outer – 100% cotton, filling – 100% polyester.
    • Machine washable/tumble dryer friendly? Yes, tumble dry low temperature.
    For the nights where a lightweight summer duvet is not cutting it, this cooling mattress topper will be just the ticket, ensuring you feel comfortable, yet cool. It uses ‘climate control technology’ which works with your body’s natural temperature to help regulate it. There’s no need to worry about night sweats either; the partially cotton cover efficiently pulls moisture away from your skin, ensuring dryness to help you sleep.Save money on the best mattress toppers to increase the lifespan of your old mattress by using these Marks & Spencer discount codes.£69 AT MARKS & SPENCER
  • Best hybrid cooling mattress topperHybrid® Essential TopperSpecifications –
    • Best for: A hybrid mattress topper for extra comfort.
    • Pros: Offers comfort, support, and breathability.
    • Cons: Expensive.
    • Sizes available: Single, small double, double, king size and super king size.
    • Materials: Simbatex® foam, CertiPUR® foam, Aerocoil™.
    • Machine washable/tumble dryer friendly? Yes, removable cover can be put in the washing machine.
    The Simba Hybrid Essential Topper has a similar design to the brand’s Hybrid Topper above, but costs a little less. You can bid farewell to nighttime discomfort caused by overheating, as this topper is expertly engineered to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the night, addressing a common concern associated with traditional memory foam.Made with Simbatex® foam infused with graphite, it boasts superior airflow, circulating thirty times more air than conventional memory foam and the addition of up to 1,500 patented Aerocoil® springs ensures comprehensive body support. While the cover is removable and machine washable, the base fabric can only be cleaned with a soft, damp cloth.£199 AT SIMBA
  • Best cooling mattress topper for ergonomic supportEmma Flip TopperSpecifications –
    • Best for: Side, back, and stomach sleepers.
    • Pros: Motion isolation, reversible design and machine washable cover.
    • Cons: The lack of straps makes it a less secure option.
    • Sizes available: Single, small double, double, king and super king size.
    • Materials: Airgocell foam, Side cover: 100% polyester, HRX ZeroGravity foam.
    • Machine washable/tumble dryer friendly? Removable and washable top cover.
    With its innovative design, the Emma Flip Topper has ‘dual’ sides which cater to different sleeping preferences. It allows you to alternate between a firm side and a soft side depending on your preference, making it an excellent choice for guest rooms.Made with two foam layers, one with Airgocell® foam for hot sleepers and the other with HRX ZeroGravity foam for extra support, it stands at 6cm thick which will add just the right amount of depth to your bed to enhance your sleep without needing a new mattress. A top pick for a mattress topper with adjustable firmness levels.£189 £132.30 AT EMMA
  • Image may contain Tape First Aid Cushion Home Decor Computer Hardware Electronics and HardwareBest cooling mattress topper for single bedsSilentnight Airmax Mattress TopperSpecifications –
    • Best for: Single beds.
    • Pros: Secured by elasticated corner straps.
    • Cons: None here!
    • Sizes available: Single, small double, double, king and super king size.
    • Materials: Polyester.
    • Machine washable/tumble dryer friendly? Yes, both.
    Silentnight’s cooling mattress topper promotes air circulation beneath you during sleep, facilitated by its mesh sides, which ensure you remain at a comfortable temperature throughout the night. It incorporates a layer of hollowfibre for a springy and full sensation, striking the perfect balance between plushness and support for optimal comfort.If you’re looking for an extra layer of comfort on top of your existing mattress, this is a top pick which can potentially soothe aches and pains thanks to its medium support feel. While it’s 5cm thickness may not feel like you’ve purchased a brand new firm mattress it promises to breathe life into your existing one.£38 AT ARGOS

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  • Best hypoallergenic cooling mattress topperSlumberdown Airstream Memory Cool Mattress TopperSpecifications –
    • Best for: A year-round mattress topper that’s hypoallergenic.
    • Pros: Hypoallergenic, machine-washable, and has elasticated staps.
    • Cons: One reviewer said it’s a bit big, but they don’t mind because it’s very comfy!
    • Sizes available: Single, double, king size and super king size.
    • Materials: Memory foam.
    • Machine washable/tumble dryer friendly? Yes.
    This 4cm thick mattress topper boasts Airstream fibers, delivering heightened comfort and support to rejuvenate your current worn-out mattress. Its plush and breathable cover can be conveniently unzipped and machine washed, with a quick tumble dry option for a speedy refresh, ensuring it’s back on your bed by bedtime.£70.50 AT AMAZON

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